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I cover:

  • An opening bit on something weird or inspiring (folklore, archaeology, art, AI, book themes….). These short articles are open to all subs.

  • Current creative AI & generative art tools, my focus being image gen, 3d worlds, video gen, procgen art, usually with code. I’ve been documenting creative AI for a few years now, since the era of colabs and before, I’m not an AI-tool n00b.

  • The latest on storytelling in research and tech: text generation for creative purposes (including social agent sims) & narrative, with a bias towards game and fiction! (My background is language processing.)

  • Games news especially AI-related (I’m skeptical but interested in tooling to help indies build), narrative gen-related, and fun or useful articles.

  • A few of the latest in NLP and data science/data visualization coolness, just a few top level links. My job is actually data science/NLP, but this newsletter is more “fun”? I hope.

  • Media recs: my monthly fav books (mostly sf&f and some mysteries/thrillers), tv, and games including VR games (I love VR). The recs appear in a shorter form in the free big post at the end of the month, but there is a paid, separate, optional mailing of these to make it easier to save them.

  • Paid/Financial Supporters: for the mid-month paid subscribers, a section on Esoteric & Weird news including AI-related but not limited to; and a subsection separate mailing for the media recs on Books, TV, Games. Free readers get the end of month news summary in full, and the article opener before the news and “esoterica” mid-month.

  • A poem at the end of each post. (Not by me or an AI model.)

Here’s the archive website.

Recap: If you become a paid subscriber,

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Who Am I? What Do I Know?

My name is Lynn Cherny (@arnicas on many social media platforms). I’m a data science/AI consultant based in France with a long and winding tech history. My career spans many software companies, from startups like Excite/TiVo to Adobe, Autodesk, The Mathworks, and consulting at places like Kensho and Midjourney and Hidden Door. I’m currently an “AI Artist in Residence” at Google Arts & Culture. But I do a lot of data work there, especially with text.

Other background: I have a PhD in Linguistics from Stanford and wrote one of the first ethnographic studies of online chat in a MUD (text-based virtual community). I co-edited a collection of early internet culture essays about women on the internet in USEnet, IRC, MUDs, the WELL and other old places, which was used in a lot of classes. I was a co-organizer of OpenVis Conf, a conference on open source data visualization and research. I have taught data science, NLP and data visualization at U of Miami (as a Knight Fellow) and EM-Lyon (a french business school). I was in UX/UR for many years but mostly left that field due to my data interests. I stay up-to-date, and you can too.

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