Hi Lynn, this is Jessie! Gosh your recommendation is always inspiring and right in time, i followed your link to semantic scholar, and i came across one article "[Acceptability Judgements via Examining the Topology of Attention Maps](https://www.semanticscholar.org/reader/4f05bb8ef87b7e723f72f19af1d8dab6e54291de?experiments=&features=reader_skimming%3Atrue)" that has somewhat relationship with my idea: [Efforts toward effort-less language acquisition](https://mirror.xyz/0x65a0Af703047dfDd270361659d02f4f0E8547202/YmbixVzwGJ0l46X6PDtVBbYY64Jd-SfRSD8usBZUzno)

The intention behind is my long time wish to build Word block, a block-based note taking tool with blockchain(i knew this intro is too thin🥲): https://mirror.xyz/conaw.eth/hBj9GSkYzLpQM524VBVhjO8C5-KQFw9UmfrYkerlvZE

i m very interested in language in the written manner--words,text, during the attention-computing activities reading and writing. So i want to build a tool to help explore this while connecting people or thoughts(an extension of a man)

Now i m kinda confused where my idea is going(lol always like this), so I want to write you a message to ask your thoughts about it , because you are like always taking my mind!! (have to shout out! i love your newsletter)

Buon anno🥠! look forward to hearing from you!

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My mom, who grew up in Austria, has some interesting stories of Krampus in her childhood. The fear that cultures use to try to keep kids straight. Another great edition Lynn!

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