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Phew, great collection as usual!

I wasn't too impressed with Latens, maybe I didn't get it - but the environs it creates don't feel particularly interesting, as they don't seem to be connected really. Fun concept none the less.

TrippyTunes Twitch is more fun tbh. I can see this running in a bar.

Fractal Game of Life - running GoL in itself I've seen in a Dylan Beattie talk, but this takes it up to 2^x. Awesome.

On some sites like inventionarts, I feel it's not particularly accessible and I've lost count of the accounts I created to try some tech or other...

The Taylor Swift puzzle thing is also wild, and super clever. She seems to have fun and doesn't the internet love a nerdy and overly elaborate puzzle box that keeps on giving. Wouldn't be surprised if her frequent flying routes also contribute to the puzzle!

And thanks for the Tranströmer, I don't follow poetry much, but weird poets are good poets. Maybe this is something to scan thru: http://www.openhumanitiespress.org/books/titles/glitch-poetics/

Embrace the Strange!

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Hi! With Latens, you get better results if you tailor your prompt to an interesting environment, and then it's still slow because you have to navigate and generate new scenes. I'm just waiting for this to be faster and higher quality.

I too have lost track of the startup accounts I've made for trying people's demos. The thing I liked in that Inventionarts site was the angles on a book (or other work of art). Of course tons of people are scripting ai agents with GPT4 so they remain a bit fragile.

Embrace the strange is right!

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Fyi, a new page I made on Deleuze & art/consciousness/hemeneutics: https://arnicas.substack.com/p/titaa-55-superpositions-on-story (I don't know how accurate it is but I needed a primer)

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Is this the right link? Enjoyed the newsletter as always. Have some new tabs to read.

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