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informative news letter

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Wow! You covered so many topics in here but it all flows well and the poetry at the end knocks it out of the park!

Ousiometric is something I never heard of before. Anything out there on how it relates with pure semiotics?

In terms of using ousiometrics for generative plot - I think it'd be cool to visualize something that shows a timeline rather than the difficult to read pinwheel thing. There's also issues with 'theory of mind' and the 'arrow of time' with some of the COTS story generators I've toyed with before. Like with Sudowrite, I did an autogenerated sequence of chapters. Then in the actual text body, all the characters in the first chapter were talking about things they shouldn't know about until chapter 5 or later. Etc.

Great stuff!

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Yeah - that's really interesting re Sudowrite's characters. I've played with the structured book gen stuff myself and had all sorts of UI issues and content issues (cliche etc). I'm hoping to build something for private use that is more controlled and uses models I understand better on different parts of the problem. Anyway, glad you liked, every issue I write is huge, I hope you'll stick around!

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Let me know when you want a beta user!

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